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One of the defining characteristics of IWC is that although we share common ground here in Cape Town, we represent countries from all over the world. We have an exciting programme of cultural exchange events this year where our own members share something of the culture, traditions, food or stories of their own land.
Each month we visit a different restaurant or bistro in and around Cape Town. We seek out the venues that offer something special in the line of food or atmosphere – or both!
Every 2nd Friday.
Outings with a garden theme! No green fingers required. We visit botanical gardens, nature reserves, landscape attractions, beautiful historic gardens and even city gardens.
Every 2nd Tuesday. Sometimes on a 3rd Tuesday.
Each of our Sunday lunches is held at a different luncheon venue around Cape Town, ranging from restaurants on the seafront to interesting bistro’s in town and even to picnics under the trees in one of our beautiful wine farms.
Every 4th Sunday
As the name suggests, your hostess serves a small group of guests a “one dish” lunch at her home. Venues are different every month ensuring we visit all parts of Cape Town.
Every 4th Friday
Each month we visit somewhere that is quintessentially Cape. Sometimes it is a tourist destination, sometimes it is an activity that embraces the Cape way of life. This year we are finding outings that fall under “The Hidden Gems of Cape Town” theme.
Every 3rd Thursday
Every month, one of our members hosts a morning coffee, tea and savoury/sweet-to-eat friendship gathering at her home. The emphasis is on getting together and enjoying a chat rather than spending hours in the kitchen!
Every 2nd Wednesday
Cape Town has many different trails and hikes. This group explores the wonderful beauty of Cape Town’s natural environment. Fitness requirement – reasonably hiking abilities.
Every 2nd Thursday
If hiking and mountains frighten you a little but you like the idea of exploring outside, then join the gentler Walking Club. They meet at the same venue as the hikers and walk a different route.
Every 2nd Thursday
Cape Town is the wine capital of Southern Africa. We explore vineyards in all parts of the Cape area, enjoying every aspect of what our wine farms have to offer.
Every 3rd Wednesday
There are so many wonderful, quirky and interesting coffee shops hidden away in Cape Town. We seek them out and invite you to sit down for a morning cuppa and maybe something decadent to eat … and enjoy a friendly catchup.
Every 4th Monday.
Every few weeks we seek out a venue or attend an event with an art or design angle. Specifics of location and dates are announced at our general meeting.
Our resident musicologist invites you to join her for a morning of good music, good company, and a good tea! Each month she chooses a theme through which to explore the rich repertoire of Classical music.  It’s fun and informative even if you know absolutely nothing about music.
Cape Town is surely the art and design capital of South Africa! There is so much to see and explore. We invite you to join us as we seek and find places and venues that showcase an interesting aspect to art or design.
Once a month we are attend a special ladies morning at Ster Kinekor in the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. Interested in joining the movie goers? Let our Movie Club Group Leader know and she’ll notify you of that month’s movie. No booking ahead needed - just let her know you’ll be there.


Our activity group leaders organize outings to various venues specializing in their particular area of interest. These outings could include coffee, lunch or dinner. Sometimes it is a visit and sometimes it involves participation. We usually negotiate group rates for IWC. Additional costs – sometimes that could be meals and drinks - are for the member’s own account.

These activities are for members only unless otherwise stipulated!
The Group Leaders of the activity clubs set up tables so you can sign in for your selected events before every general meeting (these take place on the first Thursday of every month). They are there from 9.30 am – one hour before the formal meeting begins. All events are on a first come first served basis but we do try and accommodate as many members as possible. You can find out about all the planned activities and events beforehand in two ways:

  • Consult this website! All the information you need is under “IWC Activities”
  • Arrive early for the general meeting and have a look at the noticeboards set up in the foyer outside the main meeting room. You’ll be able to read all the details about the events before you go through and sign up.
IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE DATES: Our regular clubs schedule their events on a specific day every month eg 2nd Tuesday, 4th Monday. However, there is so much happening in and around Cape Town that we sometimes change the regular slots so we can catch some of these fabulous events for our members! Watch the website or listen in at our general meeting for changes or special events.

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