No ladies not the bubbly kind! Every month, we share the story behind one charity, place or organisation in need, and ask that our members donate specific items. These items range from foodstuffs to toys, stationery, clothing or even knitting wool. After our monthly general meeting, we gather, collate and arrange a date to deliver the items so generously donated by our members.
Our members are welcome to join the Philanthropy team to participate in the delivery - Wherever we go, we are always received with warmth and gratitude.
To see what we are asking you to bring to the next month’s general meeting, keep an eye on the Philanthropy section under our monthly “Activities” newsletter.
At the general meeting we give feedback on the previous month’s collection and its delivery, and announce our next charity collection. For a look back over the charities we have reached out to during the course of this year, please click ‘read more” below.
Every month at our General Meeting, we invite members and guests, to participate in a bit of fun and excitement by donating/ buying at least one Lucky Ticket for R20.00.
This Lucky Ticket gives you an opportunity to be a possible winner of a portion of the monthly cash purse while simultaneously contributing to charity. If you are a
winner, you also have the opportunity of nominating your preferred personal Charity for the quarterly draw!
Our volunteer ticket sellers are on hand from 9.30am on the day of the meeting and ticket sales close just before the meeting begins at 10.30.
They are easily identified by means of their sparkly red hats!
For more information on how it works and to read about the charities that have already benefitted from the generous donations from you for the Lucky Draw tickets, please click ‘read more” below.
As a club, we strive to contribute towards our community in many ways – Sharing & Caring whilst having fun!!.

- Throughout the year we promote various annual organised Charity Events that our members may wish to participate in with fellow likeminded club members e.g.: Sun Flower Fund, Animal Rescue Organisation and other worthy causes.
CONTRIBUTIONS - Some of our Lucky Ticket Winners have requested that a specific charity benefit directly from their winnings. Follow the link to see who has received contributions so far.
VOLUNTEERING - Sometimes an organisation or charity simply needs a helping pair of hands. If you have a little bit of time to spare and you would like to help out at a worthy cause, be it SA Riding for the Disable Association or SANCCOB or St Anne’s teaching a skill (occupational therapy – sewing, knitting, painting, jewellery making) to one of the many charities in need, please contact Colleen Douglass on for a chat; please click ‘read more” below.
Every month at our general meeting, three of our IWC ladies tirelessly sell second-hand books and magazines.
The books and magazines are donated by our members, family and friends and all very reasonably priced at R50, R30, and R20, depending on condition, popularity and publishing date.
All the proceeds go straight to charity via the Philanthropy chair; Books and magazines that are not sold are distributed and hand-delivered around Cape Town to homes, institutions, orphanages, retirement villages and schools by Antoinette.
Please consider us when you next clean out your book shelves! We are always looking for any books or magazines, in any language, in good condition to sell or pass one.
If you need help bringing them to our monthly meeting, or simply carrying them into the club, please contact Antoinette Pendrea-Noye on and she will make an arrangement with you.

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