Dear Members
The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
... so said someone very wise.
It is a belief system I have always subscribed to. Too often we get caught in the sticky web of procrastination. “I’m thinking about how to do this” sounds so much better than “I just can’t get started.”
So here we are at the beginning of another year and we have a drawer full of plans and wishes and a long list of New Year Resolutions (does anyone actually keep those things?) Then we blink and it’s June. Another blink and we’re wondering what menu to serve for our New Year’s Eve party. Just like that you’ve missed out on 12 irreplaceable months of your life.
My father is a deeply philosophical man who has drummed into me the importance of living in the moment. A cliché I know but one of the hardest things for any human being to do. Most of it are caught in that time warp moment where we either ponder/regret/re-live the past or ponder/worry about/plan the future. Not much space in that equation for what lies in between the two … the present.
So here’s where I suggest we aim our ships, collectively and singularly, for 2018. Let’s enjoy the moment. The now. We have a whole year ahead of us to enjoy the extraordinary gift of female friendship (and it really is a gift); to choose just a few of the more beautiful venues Cape town has to offer and then go and enjoy them; to rekindle a love or create a new interest in something that will stimulate our brains; to laugh a whole lot more; become sad a whole lot less; and to banish anger completely. I chose the image of perfectly balanced pebbles for the Home Page of our website this month as I really hope we can achieve a good and happy balance in the months ahead. This year’s board have already been trying to put together a full spectrum of activities and events that will appeal to you but to be honest the secret lies in what women do best … working together. I invite you to do exactly that. None of us can change the past and heaven knows we certainly can’t control the future. Let’s actively embrace 2018 and our months together, creating one “in the moment” memory at a time.
Every moment is a fresh beginning.
TS Eliot
Wendy Coetzee
President 2018

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