Dear Members
My year as president started with a brainstorming session of past presidents and the current board to identify where the Club was and where it needed to be in order for us to continue successfully into the future. From this meeting in January we developed our plan for the year. From the outset, with the loss of a secretary and a reduced board we knew we were going to be busy and busy we certainly have been. Wendy and myself have worn many hats this year as we attempted to ensure that the club ran smoothly.
My focus for the year was to try and make the club more inclusive and to remember our core value of friendship as well as making the club relevant in this our 40th anniversary year. Our major projects for the year were the revamping of the website to make it more visually appealing, the clean up of the membership and financial data to ensure it was still valid for the current membership, a rejuvenation of our philanthropic endeavours and the production of a cookbook to celebrate our 40th anniversary.  The board has worked tirelessly in these areas and many others and for that I am extremely grateful. Without them I could not have achieved anything.
From a financial viewpoint we tried to ensure that all activities were kept within budget and thankfully with the increase in fees we were able to make a small profit rather than a loss as the Club has faced in the last two years.
As with all clubs we are facing the problem of finding people who are enthusiastic to serve on the Board and to organise events for members. Without volunteers the activities of the Club will be compromised. So I ask members to step up and lead. We have the most amazing club and it is up to all of us to ensure that it continues for another 40 years.
As always I would like to thank Sergio Martinengo our charming auditor who once again took on the onerous task of auditing our books. In addition I would like to thank the group leaders, the registration ladies, Antoinette and her ladies, the hat ladies and the area reps who all contributed massively this year to make the club a more friendly and inclusive club.
And lastly I would like to thank all of the members that encouraged and supported the Board this year. Sometimes a smile or a thank you can make all the difference.
I wish the new President and Board of 2018 every success.
Lorraine Mewett
President 2017

P.O.Box 587
Constantia 7848
Cape Town
Republic of South Africa
Lorraine Mewett
27 71 561 2522
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