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We thought we would try something new! Over 2018, we are going to see if we can share information and ideas with you … and give you something extra to read when you visit!

This month – its for the readers! Whether you’re looking for a captivating novel, a spine-tingling thriller, a fascinating investigation, or a poignant memoir, this year's book releases have something for everyone. Here are 14 new titles that have caught our eye so far in 2018.

1 of 14 Penguin Random House
The Immortalists, by Chloe Benjamin
Four siblings sneak off together to get their fortunes told by a fortune teller, who claims to be able to predict the exact day someone will die. When each of the siblings finds out their death date, they are left to reckon with how they want to live their lives. In this poignant novel, Benjamin follows each sibling over the next 50 years and raises questions about the difference between choice and fate. It's perfect for book club and will have you thinking about what you would do, if you knew how long you had to live.
2 of 14 Penguin Random House
The Perfect Nanny, by Leila Slimani
This buzzy novel from Leila Slimani—winner of the Goncourt, France’s most prestigious literary prize—follows Myriam, a French-Moroccan lawyer, who decides to hire a nanny to care for her two children. At first Louise appears dependable and sweet, but as she gets closer to Myriam and her family, they discover that Louise is not who she seems. Is she a threat to the family she is supposed to care for? You won't be able to put this book down until you find out.
3 of 14 Amazon
Still Me, by Jojo Moyes
Louisa Clark returns in this novel for fans of Me Before You and After You (soon-to-be fans will love it, too). Recently arrived in New York City, Lou is tackling a new challenge—balancing a long-distance relationship with Ambulance Sam and a demanding new job for a privileged family in New York’s high society. Lou will have to learn to balance her past and present, or give up one part of her life for good.
4 of 14 Penguin Random House
The Afterlives, by Thomas Pierce
This tender debut novel from Thomas Pierce explores what awaits us in the afterlife. When Jim Byrd’s heart stops during a heart attack, he is physically revived, with no memories of his brief death. But shortly after, Jim and his wife, Annie, begin to see things—ghosts, holograms, and even possible messages from the afterlife. This thought-provoking debut will make readers think about love, loss, and what happens after we die.
5 of 14 Amazon
Anatomy of a Scandal, by Sarah Vaughan
When someone you love is accused of an unthinkable crime, who do you believe? That's one of the central questions of Sarah Vaughan's debut thriller-meets-courtroom-drama, Anatomy of a Scandal. When Sophie’s husband James, a government minister in London, is accused of rape, she vows to stand by his side and salvage their privileged family's reputation. But Kate, the ultra-intense prosecutor, is sure James is guilty—and will go to great lengths to prove it. This exhilarating novel, which switches between Sophie’s, Kate's, and James’ points of view, will have readers thinking about justice and truth and whether you can ever really, fully know someone.
6 of 14 Amazon
The Wife Between Us, by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen
This twisted psychological thriller—the debut novel from author duo Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen—follows Vanessa, a recent divorcée whose ex-husband Richard has found a new partner in Nellie, a much younger woman. Struggling to grapple with her new reality, Vanessa becomes obsessed with stopping Richard and Nellie’s marriage at all costs. Packed with plot twists and turns, this unpredictable novel explores the complexities of marriage and divorce.
7 of 14 W. W. Norton & Company
A State of Freedom, by Neel Mukherjee
Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize for Fiction, this moving novel touches on the harsh realities of displacement and migration in present-day India. Mukherjee explores the hardships individuals face as they leave what is known and comfortable in hopes of a better life, through the stories of five characters from different worlds and economic realities.
8 of 14 Penguin Random House
Tell Me More, by Kelly Corrigan
Are there certain words and phrases that create strong relationships? In this collection of essays from Kelly Corrigan, she reflects on 12 phrases that connect us as humans and strengthen bonds, from “Tell Me More,” to “I Was Wrong.” Each essay is poignant, funny, and filled with warmth.
9 of 14 Amazon
Body Full of Stars, by Molly Caro May
In this memoir, Molly Caro May reflects on the drastic, often painful changes her body underwent—from pelvic-floor dysfunction to thyroiditis—after the birth of her first child. As she was learning to be a parent, May also found herself enraged by her body. In this honest memoir, May recounts how she came to feel connected with her body again. It's a moving work for new moms about a subject that is often overlooked in conversations about postpartum depression.
10 of 14 Penguin Random House
Everything Here is Beautiful, by Mira T. Lee
In Everything Here is Beautiful, Mira T. Lee explores the relationship between two sisters: elder Miranda, who has always been the responsible one, and free-spirited Lucia, who struggles with schizophrenia. This gorgeous yet heartbreaking debut follows Miranda's and Lucia's lives after their mother's death and sheds light on the sacrifices people make for loved ones with mental illness.
11 of 14 Amazon
The Woman in the Window, by A. J. Finn
In the throes of crippling agoraphobia, Anna Fox spends her days watching classic films, popping pills, and guzzling wine in her New York City apartment. When she witnesses a terrible crime through her window, she struggles to piece together what is real. The Woman in the Window, A. J. Finn's Hitchcockian debut, explores both Anna's inner demons and the ones acting right in front of her eyes.
12 of 14 HarperCollins
This Could Hurt, by Jillian Medoff
In Jillian Medoff's uplifting and hilarious novel This Could Hurt, readers meet Rosa Guerrero, longtime head of human resources at a top company. As Guerrero navigates office drama, love affairs, and her own personal ambitions in the face of corporate cutbacks, Medoff examines the impact our work-life decisions have on our home lives.
13 of 14 Amazon
The Girls in the Picture, by Melanie Benjamin
Melanie Benjamin (The Aviator's Wife) returns with a new novel based on the real-life friendship of screenwriter Frances Marion and actress Mary Pickford in the early 1900s. In an industry dominated by men, the women support each other in their rise to fame until a disagreement puts their bond in jeopardy. Full of Old Hollywood glamour and true details about the pair's historic careers, The Girls in the Picture is a captivating ode to a legendary bond.
14 of 14 W. W. Norton & Company
Swearing Is Good for You, by Emma Byrne
We may consider vulgar language taboo, but curse words actually have surprising benefits. In Swearing Is Good for You, Emma Byrne unearths an unorthodox body of research to reveal how swearing helps reduce pain and anxiety and can even bring people together. This fascinating debut is perfect for fans of Mary Roach.

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