The International Women’s Club welcomes you to Cape Town, South Africa.
The International Women’s Club of Cape Town is a worldwide organisation that stretches into an astonishing 42 countries.
Our own club here in Cape Town was founded in 1977. As an organisation, we are non-political, non-denominational and non-commercial and the club is a registered non-profit organisation.
With a membership of over 340 women from 35 countries the IWC of Cape Town is about friendship, support and encouragement… along with the promise of stimulation, learning and fun!
We are first and foremost a friendship club. Our activities are about social interaction that have a specific focus or theme such as cultural, educational, recreational activities both indoors (such as bridge and mahjong) and outdoors (such as tennis and hiking) or tourism. Understanding and learning about our different cultures is an important aspect of who we are so we often get together to share a meal, a more formal talk or an personal aspect of our particular culture as part of a Cultural Exchange programme. As an organisation, we also have a strong Philanthropic focus using our collective energy to assist in the many Cape Town communities that need our help.

P.O.Box 587
Constantia 7848
Cape Town
Republic of South Africa
Liliana Carter
082 559 9095
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