“If you want to go fast go alone.
If you want to go far
Go together.”
African Proverb
Dear Members
For all of us in the Cape Town corner of the International Women’s Club, 2018 has already been a challenging year of change. I have noticed that the two most pressing lunch-table conversations focus on leadership (of South Africa) and survival (in this water-scarce part of the world). The two ultimately look to each other for solution. When it comes to the water crisis, as individuals we all do our bit. I’ve seen how passionate some of you are on the topic of conserving our precious water supply. However, on a bigger scale, and looking at the longer-term future of the Western Cape, we turn to national leadership to get us through these tough times. Our new Mr President has plenty on his plate but let’s hope the long term survival of resources in the Cape is somewhere on his “to do” list.
During the first meeting of this year, I shared with you my theme for 2018: “Women Together”. To me its one of the single most important aspects about the IWC here in Cape Town. Over the three years I have been a member of the club, I have been repeatedly blown away by the way so many of you reach out to help others. We’re good at that. Women I mean. We instinctively connect. So by having “Women Together” as our shared theme for the year I am simply highlighting what we do already and suggest that we make it core to everything we do at IWC this year.
The board and I are honored and delighted to be of service to you and the club this year. Our thinking is to dig back down to our roots and recognize that the club was created as a place for like-minded women from all over the world to share ideas, culture and experiences. We will continually ask you what it is you want to hear and see and do. Every idea you have given us so far (and we have received many!) we have taken further and investigated. Many are already finding their way into the calendar of speakers and events.
By the end of 2018, we hope to look back on a year of varied but balanced moments together that will appeal to the many different tastes we have within our ranks. IWC should be like a buffet table of wonderful possibilities and things to do. You don’t necessarily want to do all of them all of the time … but somewhere along the line there will be something just for you!
Even with our challenges – and our lack of water – Cape Town is one of the most beautiful, magical places on earth. During this year, let’s get out there as “women together” and savour everything Cape Town has to offer.
Warm regards to you all
Wendy Coetzee
President 2018

P.O.Box 587
Constantia 7848
Cape Town
Republic of South Africa
Wendy Coetzee
(083) 285-5933
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