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We Cape Townians have a love-hate relationship with winter. There are those of us who relish the bite of chilly winds and rain and those of us who can’t wait for the heat of summer.
One thing we all share though is an enjoyment of this beautiful part of South Africa when Spring weather brings a new sense of light …. and flowers! These photographs showing just a few aspects of Cape Town beauty in Springtime were taken at Olifantsbos at Cape Point when Linda Hibbin lead out intrepid IWC hiking group. We have a few events to celebrate Spring lined up for October. There’s the Garden Group visit to “Old Nectar Gardens” in Stellenbosch, our next hike, which is to the Kleinplaas Dam above SImonstown, the “Outing” is to Pepe Charlot’s goatsmilk dairy in Imhoff and both all of our eating-out clubs are heading for fabulous venues around Cape Town. Members – just log on under “IWC Activities” to see details.
Spring is a good time to celebrate just being alive in this wonderful city. Or as funnyman and actor Robin Williams put it:

Spring is Nature’s Way of saying “Let’s Party’!
Photograph credit: Gaby Olivier
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We thought it would be rather nice to mark the occasion of our 40th anniversary with something we can all keep. Ruby is quite a milestone! We would like to ask you all to come up with a recipe that somehow represents your own country. It can be starter, main dish, dessert or even just a favourite snack. We are going to compile a little cookbook at the end of the year so we all have something that will serve as a marker for this auspicious anniversary.

Please would you send your recipes to or hand it to any member of the board during a general meeting or at one of the activities. Remember to include your name, the name of your recipe and your country.

Look forward to seeing what you can “cook up” for us!!

We are now in the middle of winter and I am enjoying wearing warm clothes and sitting in front of a fire after being away in humidity and heat for 5 weeks.  As much as I love to travel getting back to Cape Town is always wonderful. We are very privileged to be able to live here and even more so to be part of our amazing club and thus have friends to share it with.
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Getting to know our New Members
In September, we welcomed four new members to the IWC
Colleen used to be a conference coordinator. These days she focuses her time and attention on art and hospitality.

(not pictured)
Denise used to be an advocate but these days prefers to channel her energy into walking, painting, reading, tennis. She is also a keen gardener.
Lynette is a truly international lady having lived in Greece, Portugal and the UK.  She had a career in hospitality services. Today, her interests are knitting for charity, reading, travelling and enjoying different food cultures.
During her career days, Annie was an accountant. These days you are more likely to find her poring over pewter than financial pages! Her interests include pewter art, knitting and reading.
Heidi comes from a long career in tourism. Prior to settling in Cape Town, she lived in Switzerland, England and France. She has a great love of theatre and also enjoys hiking, literature and cooking.
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