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It’s been a wonderful, busy and inclusive year of art, music, cooking, drinking, eating, sharing, viewing, walking, hiking, playing, conversing, learning and visiting. We’ve celebrated our different international cultures and food; conversed in different languages and most importantly, found the common ground. It has been a year of where we remember over and over again what lies at the heart of the IWC Cape Town … friendship. As our last website posting of 2018, we have created a celebration gallery of just some of the moments shared this year.
We wish all the members of the International Women’s Club of Cape Town, a peaceful year-end with much celebration, moments of joy and moments of love.
With love to you all!
From Wendy Coetzee, Carolyn Herrick, Lorraine Conway, Sue Allanby, Colleen Douglass and Susan Fernandes
(the Board of 2018)
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All too often, we don’t realise the importance of an event or something happening to you until we look back on it much later.  2018 bestowed upon me the gift of more memories than I would have thought possible in the course of a single year. I feel like I know you better.
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