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M.Scott Peck
I was struck this month by the truly homogeneous nature of today’s world. When I was a kid, international friends were called “penpals” and the only way to communicate with any depth was via pen on paper … and snail-mail. And how exciting was it to receive a treasured envelope with an exciting and exotic looking stamp. My goodness the world has changed. Communication today is instant regardless of geographical borders. It is also not restricted to voice only. We can ,Skype or “face call” China or Russia or England or Italy as easily as we can phone our neighbor. And sometimes the lines are clearer!
Together with Anne-Sophie Richter, our Open Door representative, we have been reaching out to our sister clubs around the world and we are receiving some fascinating correspondence back. For more about that, read the “President’s Letter” this month! When the replies and letters started to come in, I was expecting … well, different!  Instead I have been reminded over and over again that in fact we are more similar than we are different.  Something I observe every time I spend time with the wonderful and very different women of this distinctly international club in Cape Town.
Celebrate your uniqueness, relish your cultural roots … but enjoy and take comfort from the truth that at the end of the day, we are all just women living and loving our lives, regardless of our birth place or our accent. Open the pages of our September newsletter by clicking on “IWC Activities” on the search bar and see just how much living our Group Leaders have arranged for you this month! And look forward to more opportunities to celebrate our differences with the international inter-cultural coming in the last quarter of 2018.
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By Nora Horvath
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We thought we would try something new! Over 2018, we are going to see if we can share information and ideas with you … and give you something extra to read when you visit www.iwccapetown.co.za!
When I was a kid, I had loads of friends from other countries …. But they were called “pen pals” back then. I absolutely loved writing long detailed letters about England and then, with our family emigration, even longer letters as I fell in love with my new adopted country South Africa.
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