Welcome to the International Women's Club of Cape Town
The Past is gone, lets keep the experience, the Future doesn’t exist, but the PRESENT is totally ours now to live to the full.
As we are moving into the current year we already have discovered many interesting places, art, cuisines and more.
When we  have new experiences together we create shared memories and develop new friendships. New subjects and great speakers inspire us to new projects and interests.
To round it up we carry on adding liberal quantities of good food, coffee and wine to be enjoyed with a sense of humour and mutual kindness. We are all making our club a great space for growing in diversity.
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I believe that every time we learn something new we grow in understanding and with those new experiences our perceptions become broader to accommodate different points of view.
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P.O.Box 587
Constantia 7848
Cape Town
Republic of South Africa
Liliana Carter
082 559 9095
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